Welcome to Onondaga Community Living! What can we do for you?

OCL is an agency that cares. We are a group of people who work towards the best for each person and the people in their lives. We care about the people we support, their families, and all those that contribute to their wellbeing. OCL was originally formed in 1987 by families and other concerned citizens who wanted more individualized and caring support for the persons they love and care about. Since the early 1990s OCL is known as one of the original innovators in developing personalize supports; supporting persons with developmental disabilities to live, work, and socialize safely in the community. Though the system has changed and management of the agency has changed the agency will continue the tradition of providing individualized assistance to support the real wishes, wants, and needs of the persons we serve.

OCL is now serving youth, especially transitioning youth, and young to older adults. We’re now serving persons in Onondaga, Oswego, and parts of Cayuga, Cortland, and Madison counties.

OCL is open for business. We are accepting new referrals for all services!

If you or the person you are calling about already receives OCL services then your best bet is to call our main number 315-434-9597.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!!!

What We Can Help You With:

-Figure out services, access to services, front door– Care Coordination Services (Formerly Medicaid Service Coordination)
-Safely live in the community with your own resources (Community Living-Residential)
-Receive a Housing Subsidy to help you with your monthly rent or mortgage payment (Individualized Support Services (ISS))
-Experience Social, Daily Living and Leisure Activities in the Community (Community Habilitation)
-Explore Different Jobs (Employment Training Program)
-Get a Job (ACCES-VR Services)
-Keep Your Job (Supported Employment)
-Volunteer and Learn New Skills (Volunteer Services)
-Take College Classes at Syracuse University (ACCESS College Service)

Ask us about Self Directing Your Services

Agency Managed Self Direction        Self-Hire Self Direction
Brokerage                                          Fiscal Intermediary

Unique Situation?   Maybe we can figure a way to meet your needs! By working together we may assist you or help get you to who can!!!
Call us! Let’s figure it out together!

Call us! We look forward to talking with you! Phone (315) 434-9597!

 Call the OCL Referral and Services Information line if you want to request a phone call to talk about OCL services in general or if you know the specific service you want to learn about 315-913-4801. We are committed to returning calls from this line within 2 business days.