Experience Social, Daily Living and Leisure Activities in the Community (Community Habilitation)

Community Habilitation: What do you like to do? Where do you want to spend your time? What kinds of things would you like to achieve on your own? Do you live on your own and need more help? Do you need or want to develop skill toward living on your own? Or, are there just some things you want to explore and learn about?
The Community Habilitation program offers one-on-one support and assistance in areas such as social skills, transportation, self-advocacy, finance management, and household activities (cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc.). The purpose of Community Habilitation is to build these skills with the goal of increasing independence, and to provide the supports needed to make informed choices about one’s life.

At Onondaga Community Living, we will work with you to create a plan for achieving your goals with the support of dedicated OCL direct service staff. With an individualized level of assistance, you will have the freedom to pursue your interests and gain confidence in your skills. Community Habilitation ensures a safe, supportive environment for you to enrich your life. OCL Community Habilitation is great for persons who live independently in the community or persons living at home with parents or other family members that need more skills and/or maybe want to live independently someday.

The agency also offers support to persons looking to do volunteer work or have an interest in getting a paid job – click here for more info!

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