Where do you want to live?

At Onondaga Community Living we start with you. We work with you and your loved ones to ensure that the right home and living arrangement is set up for you. Each home and living arrangement is set up differently based upon the wishes, desires, and needs of the persons we support. Each living situation comes with a coordinator that will coordinate staff, work with you to develop habilitation plans, help monitor budgets, and even help coordinate transportation to medical and other important programming.

Some people end up renting an apartment, some live in the country, some live in the neighborhood that they grew up in, some live in a home that the family purchased, some live in a home that they themselves own. Some know of a person that they want to live with and others know the type of person but look to us for help. Once we better understand your needs, we will then work with you and your loved ones to design a comprehensive package that will meet your needs.

What is the housemate model (Live in CareGiver)

The persons that OCL serves often want to live in their own place. One option that OCL facilitates to support this is the Housemate Model (Live in Care Giver). Housemates are typical members of the community who enter into a life-sharing situation with a person with a disability. Housemates not only share the home, they make it their own residence. Housemates are not staff through their presence does create increased safety, guidance in an emergency, and occasional assistance similar to what any roommate might provide to another roommate. Generally, housemates live in the home as friends and companions to the person with a disability. Housemates are in the home overnight

With the assistance of an OCL coordinator and your family members, if you want them to, you interview and choose your housemate. The coordinator will partner with you on locating possible housemates and will support the process with advice, participate in interviews, and the agency will complete background checks on housemates prior to moving in. OCL coordinators will work with you and family to plan back-up coverage for when your housemate needs to be away (planned vacations, etc.).

If you cannot be alone or don’t feel comfortable being alone, especially overnight, then family and other non-paid support persons are essential to this housemate model. It is important that you have family or other non-paid support persons who are willing to be designated to support the process should the housemate leave unexpectedly, have an emergency, or leave before a replacement housemate is found. In most cases OCL cannot provide more than occasional staffing overnight

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Housing Subsidy (Individualized Support Services (ISS))

Do you have a desire to live independently in your own apartment or house, but can’t afford it? ISS funding can provide a monthly housing subsidy, paying your landlord or mortgage company directly for part of your housing cost. Did you find your dream apartment, but don’t have the money for the security deposit, first month’s rent, new furniture and other household items? ISS can help you with those expenses too!

How do you qualify for ISS?

• Be deemed eligible by OPWDD
• At least 18 years old
• Not eligible for or receiving other housing funding (HUD, TANF Housing Assistance, etc.)
• Meet income requirements

Call us! We will be happy to explain how to access ISS!

OCL Referral and Services Information line 315-913-4801.