Self-Direction provides you and families with the opportunity to customize supports and services. It puts you in charge. In Self-Direction you, with assistance from a Support Broker, decide how to manage a budget called a Personal Resource Account (PRA). The PRA is a set amount of money that is specific to you. Together with a Support Broker, Service Coordinator, and a planning team that you choose, you plan and purchase services that are most suited to you. Those services can include traditional options such as Community Habilitation, Day Habilitation, Respite, and Supported Employment. The PRA typically includes other funds for things such as housing subsidy, camps, classes, organizational memberships, transportation, Family Reimbursed Respite, specific staff training, phone services, etc. In Self-Direction you may even play a role in interviewing and hiring the staff that provide the services

OCL offers Different Self-Direction Options so you can Choose your level of support

-Agency Managed Self Direction System

If you need or want Direct Service Professionals (DSP) to provide traditional services such as Community Habilitation, Day Habilitation, Respite, and Supported Employment then you can have OCL find and provide the DSPs.  OCL ensures back up staffing, provides program management, and OCL will work with you and your support team on training as needed. Wages are set per agency standard.

-Self-Hire Self-Direction

In the Self-Hire model you and/or family provide most aspects of hiring and firing staff to provide services such as Community Habilitation, Day Habilitation, Respite, and Supported Employment. You and/or family and other supports find and interview prospective employees, decide the wage to pay, and provide back-up coverage when hired employees need to be out of work. The agency will support you with resources such as examples of job postings and interview questions and your Support Broker will help you plan wages. The agency OCL Office of Human Resources, Support Broker, and Fiscal Intermediary will also be there to support you in maintaining this model.

Support Broker:

The support broker provides professional guidance to you and your planning team for maintaining your self-directed services. How can you maximize the funding that is available to you? What services will best fit your needs? Your support broker will explain and maintain your Personal Resource Account (PRA) explaining the opportunities within it. The broker will work with you and your support team to develop an individualized budget to include the services that you have chosen. As these services are applied, your support broker will monitor the plan and apply changes as needed. Your support broker oversees your budget to ensure that it keeps meeting your needs.

Fiscal Intermediary:

A self-directed budget consists of funding from Medicaid and New York State. As part of the self-direction philosophy, you are choosing how and where that funding is used. A fiscal intermediary is the bridge between those sources and the services that you are receiving. When you hire staff, the fiscal intermediary will complete background checks and initial training, as well as process payroll. The fiscal intermediary also bills for any services provided and tracks all expenditures.

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