What is Agency Managed Self-Direction?

Our agency managed self-direction service at OCL allows individuals, parents, and/or guardians to interview candidates and directly hire a direct support professional. The selection choice is up to the individual and their families. OCL does not hire the direct support professional unless approval is by the person supported. Supervisors from the OCL staff will normally prescreen the candidates to determine if they would be a good match for an individual. If so, the supervisor will be involved in the interview with the candidate, the individual and/or the individual’s parent of guardian.   However, the final hiring decision is up to the individual.

If the person we support chooses to hire a direct support professional, the OCL supervisor will conduct reference checks on the individual and Human Resources will also conduct any necessary background checks such as fingerprinting (Criminal Background Check). MHL check process (Mental Hygiene Law) , SEL ( Staff Exclusion List) , DMV, Exclusion check list, etc. The information is given to the person we support and the hiring decision is ultimately by the OPWDD and finally by the person we support decision.

Agency Managed Self Direction System – If individuals and/or parent/guardian want coordinator assistance from OCL, they are bound to the OCL regulations and guidelines. OCL coordinator will assist to manage the hiring process as described above and will ensure each newly hired employee is trained. The person has employer authority and decides who they want to hire or fire as part of their support team. The agency as the Fiscal Intermediary (FI), is the employer of records. The wage determined is within the agency scales for staffing. With this model the agency provides clinical over site, ensures back up staffing, provides program management and would work with the person and their circle on behavioral training as needed. The coordinator will work together with the person on budget authority, helping the person to manage their services and ensure proper documentation based on their particular budget.

The person supported and their representative will receive a monthly expenditure budget. OCL will not be able to reimburse an expense over the budgeted amount.

The agency will reimburse mileage to the direct support professional, provide benefits to the direct support professional, and will assist in scheduling to make sure there is proper support according to agency policy. As being part of this system, individuals and/ or parent/guardian are electing to follow the OCL policies and procedures.

What does a Self-Hired Model look like?

Lisa Asper Fiscal Intermediary
Lisa Asper
Fiscal Intermediary

If the individuals and/or parent/guardian decide to embrace the self-hired model, Individual selects the staff and the wage for the staff not to exceed the average community cost for that type of service. The cost of the service is to include the hourly rate, time off, and fringe benefits. The person does the recruiting, makes the decision on who works for them, decide what the staff needs to support them with, how many hours the staff works and the schedule, including having the responsibility of ensuring back up. The person is responsible for supervising the staff and changing the staff if unsatisfied. The individual is the employer of record.

This information will then be given to the Fiscal Intermediary (FI) who performs background checks and performs payroll administrative functions. It is up to the individual to provide to the FI all receipts and documentation for anything billed for.

OCL does not provide any support other than bill paying. The person we support hires the staff and conducts all reference and will work with OCL to ensure background checks are completed as required. The person supported manages their own budget, and ensures that summary notes and daily notes are completed all according to regulation, submitting them to the administrative office timely. The person supported or their representative is responsible for ensuring that all paper work complies with regulations and guidelines and submits the paperwork to OCL per schedule.

OCL will hold an initial meeting to talk about the role of self-hired model and provide the circle with policies, forms and training materials. The person we support and their support circle/planning team is then responsible to train the direct support professional and follow all material given. The person and the support circle will be responsible for the proper support based on the plan. The direct support professional receives pay and benefits only as associated with the contract that you have with us.

In the self-hired model, the person and their representatives will manage the budget expenditure and staffing. OCL will not be able to reimburse an expense over the budgeted amount.

In both systems, the person supported and their representative will receive a monthly expenditure budget.