“OCL’s relationship with the people it supports is simple and clear:  We support people to lead the lives they want to lead. We are passionate about adapting our interactions with people to whatever is needed by them to achieve their vision, goals and aspirations.

–Steve Smits, Retired OPWDD Administrator, friend to OCL, and former OCL Board Member

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Each Support Service is self-designed by the person being served, along with the others in their life. We always look to the person served and their support circle to work with us to determine what he or she needs and wants.

At OCL, we assist people who are looking for a Financial Management Service (FMS ), seek a self-determined lifestyle, and utilize an individualized budget.  Our staff is steeped in knowledge of planning and supports in order to move in the direction that any person wants or needs.

We have learned a great deal through listening to the stories and aspirations of people who have come to us, along with their families and support teams. If we have learned anything, it is that every person wants a normal life with friends and a support system in place that meets their needs. It should not be hard to make this happen, if you find the right people to share your common goals.

Employment Opportunities

If you want to be employed, we work to help you find paid employment that is based upon your interests and availability.

Volunteer Opportunities        

OCL Community Habilitation day support services include opportunities to volunteer. Based on your home community and interests, we find a variety of positions and establishments for you to consider.

College Education

If you want to attend college and qualify, we have a relationship with University College/Syracuse University in order for you to take classes along with other Syracuse University Students. (More details).

Residential Support

If you want your own home, we help you find a house or apartment in the city or county, based on your desired location, and as a renter, home owner, or with a house in trust for you.

Housemates & Life Sharing

People did not always want to live with others with disabilities, so we help individuals find friends and community members to share their homes and lives.

Circle of Support

We believe all people want to live and socialize in communities that they have been a part of, so we help you continue connections to communities and people that are important to you.


New York State embraces person-centered planning, meaning funds for services are set aside just for the person served. The goal is to create a self-determination plan and the Broker at OCL will guide you through this process.