Funding for services used to go to agencies and the agencies made decisions on how to use those funds. The State of New York has embraced person centered planning and now you can have the funding for your services set aside just for you.

The process to create a self-determination plan is called brokerage and the person who will guide you through this process is called a Broker.

Your Broker will help you develop a plan for your life – called a person centered plan. To write this you and your broker will ask the important people in your life to help. The people we ask to help will become your “circle of support”. They can be family members, friends or even paid support staff – anyone who you trust and whose opinion matters to you. As a team your “circle of support” will help write your person centered plan. The plan will identify the communities that you belong to, your important relationships and the paid supports you need to lead a successful life. Your Medicaid service coordinator and Broker will talk with you about the available services your plan can be used to purchase and about how to use those services and resources to optimize your life. All of this will become part of a person centered plan that is yours and yours alone.

You and your broker will use this person centered plan to decide which services you need and how to best budget the funds that are set aside for you. The Broker will help you to find a FMA (Financial Management Agency) of your choice that will assist you in paying the bills from the budget you help the broker to develop. The Broker will then continue with you to assist you in navigating services, helping you to meet with your circle of support, and helping you to make adjustments to services and budgets when needed. The Broker will ensure that your dreams and aspirations are at the forefront of each decision that is made.