The Service Coordinator is like an orchestra conductor and the personal ally of the individual we serve.

A Service Coordinator is like the conductor of the orchestra. It is their job to make sure that all services are in tune with the song that is being played. Your life is that song. When all services are in tune with each other and support each other, your life’s song is beautiful and you are the star of the show!

An OCL Service Coordinator will support you in obtaining your life’s goals. They will work along with you with all existing services, or they wilimage5l walk with you down new paths as you decide on which direction to go. They will then support you to receive the proper service based on your new direction.

Service Coordinators must understand how to support each person individually. They are deeply trained in our mission. The Service Coordinator often can bring a fresh perspective to meetings with other service providers. Although many other agencies have staff philosophies and approaches that may differ, service coordination must work well with the variety of people and community agencies. They work with you to develop creative solutions to both day-to-day and complex problems.

OCL employs a variety of full time Service Coordinators. If you choose OCL for your service coordination, you will meet with available Service Coordinators to decide who is a best match for you. You will always have the opportunity to change Service Coordinators within our agency or move to another agency if you feel that your needs are not being met.