Employment Services

OCL’s Employment Services provide you with the right amount of support to obtain or maintain a job that you choose. Here are some ways we can help you!

OCL’s Employment Training Program (ETP): If you haven’t decided what type of job you might like you may explore three different jobs in community businesses as an unpaid intern with the assistance of an OCL job coach. You may also attend work-related job training classes with the OPWDD ETP Coordinator once a month. You would be paid to attend these classes. After you try out different jobs in the community the OCL employment consultant will prepare a discovery report to help you figure out what type of jobs you liked and did well at and maybe some jobs or work skills that you didn’t enjoy. At this time the OCL employment consultant will help you with your job search.

OCL’s Pathway to Employment Services: If you want an extensive discovery report completed to help you figure out what type of job you might like to search for this service is for you. You will meet with the OCL employment consultant typically weekly for almost a year to complete this process.

Get a Job (ACCES-VR Services): Once you have met with an ACCES-VR counselor and determine that you want to get a paid job you may choose OCL to be your ACCES-VR provider. An OCL employment consultant will get to know you and what type of job you might like to apply for. With the assistance of an OCL employment consultant you will create a resume, apply for jobs on-line using the computer, apply for jobs in person at area businesses, get pointers on getting ready for job interviews, practice interview questions, arrive early to your job interview and once hired an OCL job coach will help you learn your job duties.

Keep Your Job (Supported Employment): Once you have maintained your job for three months we may provide on-going job coaching as needed to help you keep your job. We continue to fade our support to you so that your supervisor at your job sees your skills and abilities and to ensure you become a valued employee at your new job. We encourage you to form work friendships and natural supports with your co-workers

OCL’s Volunteer Services: Provide you with the right amount of support you choose to obtain or maintain a volunteer job in the community. Valuable work skills and habits may be learned while volunteering and being a visible and active member of your community. OCL provides individual support and transportation to and from events for this service

College ACCESS:  Services provide you an opportunity to take college classes at Syracuse University. With the assistance of OCL’s ACCESS coordinator you will choose classes you would like to attend. With the support of an OCL campus mentor to assist you with your learning style you will complete assignments and projects in your course of study. After four years of auditing related colleges courses you may receive a certificate for completion of a sequence of study at your graduation ceremony.