New to Services, Confused, or Just Want to Know More?

At OCL we know that accessing and understanding the system of services for persons with developmental disabilities can be very confusing and at times frustrating. If you are exploring service options for the first time, are in the process of getting connected, or just want to know more, we would be happy to talk with you—No Charge! We want to be helpful even if you do not choose OCL to provide your services.

Continuing at OCL: Medicaid Service Coordination (MSC)/ Care Coordination

After June 3oth, 2018 MSC will be known as Care Coordination and will be provided by large Care Coordination Organizations (CCOs). OCL has contracted with Lifeplan CCO to provide Care Coordination services as a Lifeplan provider agency until June 30th 2019. We would be very happy to work with you to assure that you get connected to the services you need now and to assure a smooth transition for you when your care coordination services are moved to the larger Lifeplan agency. Both OCL and Lifeplan are committed to seeing that you stay with the care coordinator of your choice. That means that the OCL Care Coordinator that you get to know now will mostly likely stay with you through and after the transition to CCO

A care coordinator is like a band leader. They make sure that all the services you use work as they should and work together to support your goals and your health. Care Coordinators work with OPWDD Habilitation Services, Vocational Services, Education Services, and of course your health care providers to assure you are working on what you want and getting what you need. Your care coordinator can help you reach your goals.  As your interests and circumstances change your care coordinator will make sure that your services change to meet your new goals and needs. At Onondaga Community Living we are committed to helping you live as independently as you want in the community that you choose. Our Care Coordinators are well trained and knowledgeable. They will help you maintain your Medicaid and other benefits so that you continue to be eligible for the supports that you need.