Housemates are members of the community who enter into a life-sharing situation with a person with a disability. Housemates share a home with the person. They live as friends, companions, and as a natural support to the person. Housemates are not employees. Housemates are companions first but as a housemate, you may be responsible for being present overnight as well as some evening, weekend, and holidays. You will be a part of a team of staff, friends and family who cooperatively work together to enable the individual to have an enjoyable, well connected and pleasant life. As a housemate, there will be fixed expenses that you will be responsible for paying, including: a housemate deposit, your fair share of food & household expenses, half of the cable/internet bill and your own long distance charges (if applicable). As a perk, you will receive free rent & utilities.

Please call us if you are interested in becoming a housemate!